Kallpa Securities SAB



Our objective is to manage assets through well thought strategies that create value for our clients. These strategies will depend on the client´s risk aversion, investment time horizon, and other characteristics. This commitment includes creativity, integrity and a client focused service.

That is why our service and advice is based on developing a personal relationship with investors, getting to know the customer, his/her needs and doubts, his/her tolerance to risk, among other goals. Having done this, our portfolio managers will structure a portfolio that will optimize risk adjusted returns for each client.

Among our clients we have high net worth individuals, companies and corporations, family offices and institutional investors.
Some of our most demanded products are:

• Portfolio Kallpa Peru Equities.
• Portfolio Kallpa Peru Fixed Income.
• Portfolio Kallpa Peru Balanced.
• Portfolio Kallpa Global Equities.
• Portfolio Kallpa Global Fixed Income.
• Portfolio Kallpa Global Balanced.
• Portfolio Kallpa Cash Management.
• Portfolio Kallpa Alternative Investments.