Kallpa Securities SAB



Kallpa Securities provides advisory before, during and after the investment has been made.

Before Investing

Kallpa Securities service's includes comprehensive advice to our clients.

To do this effectively we first identify each investor's risk profile, tastes and preferences regarding risk, investment horizon, among other variables.

While Investing


• Buying / Selling equities in the local market.
• Buying / Selling equities in the international market.
• Repos.
• Day Trade Operations.


• Daily Reports.
• Fundamental Analysis.
• Technical Analysis.

Fixed Income:

• Buying / Selling bonds in the local market.
• Buying / Selling bonds in the international market.
• Buying / Selling short term securities.

After Investing

After the investment has been made, Kallpa Securities follows up with clients and gives them continuous advice in how they should manage their portfolios.

Kallpa Securities makes recommendations to rebalance portfolios when necessary.