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Engie Energia Perú S.A.

Engie Perú is part of Grupo Engie and is dedicated to the generation and sale of electric energy and power. It commercializes these services to free clients (private companies) and regulated clients (mostly electricity distributors). The company has 6 thermoelectric plants, 2 hydroelectric and 1 substation.

31/10/2023Yordin Lozano3Q2023 Results View
24/10/2023Yordin LozanoEarnings Preview - 3Q2023 View
18/07/2023Yordin LozanoEarnings Preview - 2Q2023 View
27/04/2023Yordin LozanoEarnings Preview - 1Q2023 View
02/03/2023Yordin LozanoEarnings Preview - 4Q2022 View
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01/08/2022Manuel Morales2Q2022 Results View
21/07/2022Manuel MoralesEarnings Preview - 2Q2022 View
02/05/2022Manuel Morales1Q2022 Results View
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25/10/2021Christian ChoquecotaEarnings Preview - 3Q2021 View
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19/07/2021Marco ContrerasEarnings Preview - 2Q2021 View
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30/10/2020Christian Choquecota3Q2020 Results View
14/08/2020Christian Choquecota2Q2020 Results View
23/07/2020Marco ContrerasEarnings Preview - 2Q2020 View
08/05/2020Christian ChoquecotaEngie Energía Perú - 1Q2020 Results View
29/04/2020Marco ContrerasEarnings Preview - 1Q2020 View
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28/01/2020Marco ContrerasEarnings Preview - 4Q2019 View
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